sleeping Position for Pregnant Women
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This is a good sleeping position for pregnant women, try it now

Sleeping Position for Pregnant WomenOne of the problems that are often experienced by pregnant women is getting a comfortable sleeping position. In order to maintain quality sleep, mothers can try to sleep on their left side or half-lean.

When you are pregnant, you will certainly experience many changes in your body. For example, back pain, stomach feels full and uncomfortable, to breasts that feel hard. However, another problem that is not less common in pregnant women is that it is difficult to get a comfortable sleeping position. 

When you are still in the first trimester, this is actually not too much of a problem. However, when the stomach begins to enlarge because the fetus is starting to develop, new mothers will find it difficult to find the right sleeping position.

Sleeping Position for Pregnant Women

A study from the Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences stated that 78 percent of pregnant women experience sleep disturbances . Not only sleep becomes not soundly, but also does not get the right sleeping position.

Meanwhile, as many as 15 percent of pregnant women experience restless legs syndrome, especially when entering the third trimester of pregnancy. In order to sleep more comfortably, here are good sleeping positions for pregnant women that you can try:

Prone Position

When pregnancy is still in the first month, the mother can still sleep on her stomach. Mothers do not need to worry about the condition of the fetus, because the amniotic fluid and uterine wall will still provide protection to the fetus from the risk of being pinched.

Supine Position

The supine position can also still be done in the first trimester, at least until two months of pregnancy. However, this sleeping position should not be done continuously. Because, sleeping on your back also increases the risk of various pregnancy and birth problems. In addition, do not forget to put a pillow as a backrest.

Tilt to the left

Entering the second trimester, the mother’s stomach begins to enlarge, so the prone and supine positions are no longer recommended. When the mother enters pregnancy at this age, it is better for the mother to lie on her left side when she wants to rest.

Because, this position can make nutrients and oxygen flow more optimally to the fetus. Of course, this will make the mother more comfortable. This position also ensures that the mother does not put too much pressure on the liver, and makes the kidneys healthier, so that swelling in the feet and hands is reduced. 

Three-quarters position

The next good sleeping position for pregnant women is the three-quarter position. In order to do this, the mother needs the help of a pregnant pillow. 

Place one foot on the bottom of the pillow, while the other foot on the top of the pillow. This position allows for smoother blood circulation while helping to reduce joint and muscle strain.

Half leaning position

Entering the third trimester before delivery, the mother’s stomach will get bigger. The groin area can also be painful and uncomfortable due to the baby’s lower position and pressure on the area. No wonder the mother will be more uncomfortable when resting. 

To avoid this, the mother can try a half-reclined sleeping position. Use lots of pillows to support your back and stomach. In addition, pillows are also needed to support the legs so that edema does not occur.

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