Getting Pregnant with Girls
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5 Tips for Getting Pregnant with Girls According to Obstetricians

The conception program, also known as pregnancy planning or conception planning, is a concerted effort undertaken by couples who wish to conceive a child. There are numerous methods for conception planning in order to expedite the process of conceiving the first, second, and subsequent children.

Getting Pregnant with Girls

There might be couples seeking guidance on conceiving a child of a specific gender, such as a girl. If you and your partner are among them, you can consider the advice provided by Dr. Keven Tali, an obstetrician and gynecologist.

In his YouTube channel, Dr. Keven elucidates various aspects of conceiving a baby girl. This specialist in obstetrics and gynecology covers topics ranging from timing of intercourse, dietary considerations, to sexual positions.

Below, CanBeHealth summarizes tips for pregnant girls according to doctors:

1. Timing intercourse 2-3 days before ovulation

Every month, prospective mothers experience their menstrual cycle, followed by ovulation. The ovulation phase typically spans 3–4 days around the middle of the time between one menstrual period and the next.

As Dr. Keven suggests in his YouTube channel, the first tip is to engage in intimate relations 2-3 days before ovulation, or the fertile period. This recommendation is linked to the vaginal pH.

“Try to engage in intercourse 2-3 days before ovulation or the peak fertile period,” he advises.

2. Preferred sexual position: Missionary

Another significant factor is the sexual position. Dr. Keven recommends a position that allows the sperm to be ejaculated farther away from the cervix.

This positioning relates to the process of sperm swimming towards the egg for fertilization. To ensure the sperm’s journey to the egg is uninterrupted, Dr. Keven suggests the missionary position during intercourse.

“Try to ensure that when ejaculation occurs, the sperm is deposited further away from the cervix. It can be challenging to control this when caught up in the moment. The recommended position is the missionary position,” he explains.

3. Adjusting vaginal pH

The vaginal environment plays a role in determining the gender of the prospective baby. The next tip involves adjusting the vaginal pH to increase the likelihood of conceiving a baby girl.

This can be achieved by using a diluted vinegar solution to cleanse the vaginal area. However, it’s crucial to consult a doctor before attempting this method to ensure safety and appropriateness.

“To conceive a baby girl, you can adjust the vaginal pH. Prior to intercourse, cleanse the vaginal area with a diluted vinegar solution. However, it’s important to consult your respective obstetrician to ensure proper implementation,” advises Dr. Keven.

4. Dietary choices: More meat for the wife, more vegetables for the husband!

Nutrition is an essential factor in the success of conceiving a baby girl. Dr. Keven explains that certain foods can enhance the chances of conceiving a girl. There are distinct dietary recommendations for both spouses during conception planning.

“Ensure that the husband consumes vegetables in his diet for 1-3 months before beginning conception planning. The wife should include more meat in her diet during the same period,” he concludes.

5. A wife’s orgasm is not necessary

There’s a prevailing myth that a woman’s orgasm affects the gender of the child. Dr. Keven clarifies that whether the woman orgasms or not during intercourse does not influence the gender.

“There is no issue; whether the woman orgasms or not is completely acceptable,” he assures.

These tips can be followed by couples who are trying to conceive a baby girl. Dr. Keven also reminds couples that for more precise results, they might consider assisted reproductive techniques such as insemination or IVF (in vitro fertilization).

These were the tips for conceiving a baby girl as provided by the obstetrician. If you’re interested in having a baby girl, consider following Dr. Keven’s suggestions!

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