Tips for getting pregnant with boys according to obstetricians
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Tips for getting pregnant with boys according to obstetricians

Having a child is the aspiration of many couples. Especially if the parents have a preference for the gender of their first, second, or subsequent children.

Tips for getting pregnant with boys according to obstetricians

Dr. Keven Tali, a board-certified Obstetrician and gynecologist, shares tips on conceiving a baby boy through his YouTube channel. Regardless of the child’s gender, as parents, we will undoubtedly love them wholeheartedly in the future. However, there’s no harm in making an effort from the outset of the preconception phase.

Below are the tips for conceiving a baby boy as compiled by CanBeHealth, based on advice from a gynecologist. Let’s explore:

1. Timing intercourse during the fertile window

Firstly, Dr. Keven emphasizes the timing of intercourse. To increase the likelihood of conceiving a baby boy, couples can engage in intimate activities during or close to the woman’s fertile period. Dr. Keven recommends having intercourse a day before or, ideally, during the fertile period. Thus, it’s crucial for the woman to be aware of her monthly fertile window.

    “Engage closely with the fertile period. One day before or during the fertile period,” says Dr. Keven.

    2. Consuming specific foods for conceiving a baby boy

    Next, couples can consider their dietary choices. Dr. Keven suggests that the woman should consume plenty of vegetables, while the man should consume a diet rich in high-protein meats. According to Dr. Keven, this approach can increase the production of male-genotype sperm, which fertilizes the egg.

      “The husband should consume meat starting from 1-3 months before preconception. The wife should consume vegetables 1-3 months before conception. Remember, it’s not just about meat or vegetables alone; the diet should remain diverse and nutritious,” he advises.

      3. No specific sexual positions, focus on deep penetration

      The key to increasing the chances of conceiving a baby boy lies in sexual positions that involve deep penetration. The optimal position can vary between couples based on their comfort levels.

        “There is no fixed sexual position, but the goal is deep penetration. When sperm is ejaculated directly into the uterus, it can reach the egg more efficiently,” explains Dr. Keven.

        Research suggests that certain sexual positions can facilitate deep penetration. Common positions include doggy style or spooning.

        4. Adjusting the vaginal pH to be more alkaline

        For those aiming to conceive a girl, adjusting the vaginal pH to be more acidic is suggested. However, for conceiving a boy, a more alkaline pH is preferred.

        “The pH level in the vagina maintains a certain acidity to prevent infections. To conceive a baby boy, the pH needs to be more alkaline. Baking soda can help achieve this. Wash the vaginal area with baking soda before intercourse,” he concludes.

        Dr. Keven mentions the possibility of using baking soda to wash the vagina, but underlines the importance of a doctor’s supervision to prevent irritation or infection.

        “If considering this method, consult with a doctor first to ensure sterility and prevent irritation, swelling, or discharge,” he clarifies.

        These were the tips for conceiving a baby boy, according to a gynecologist’s advice. Don’t forget to discuss these strategies with your spouse to ensure cooperation and alignment in your preconception efforts!

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