Dangers of Holding Pee During Pregnancy

Holding Your Pee During Pregnancy Can Cause Urinary Tract Infections

Holding Your Pee During PregnancyIf you notice that pregnant ladies like to contain their urination, please cease right away. It is not advisable to hold your urine too frequently while pregnant as this might lead to urinary system issues, particularly urinary tract infections.

Pregnant women should go to the toilet as soon as the desire to urinate strikes and should avoid holding their urine for too long. Actually, it’s okay to hold your urination if you just do it infrequently or for a brief period of time. But, pregnant women can be at risk of getting a urinary tract infection (UTI) if they hold their urine too frequently or for too long.

Dangers of Holding Pee During Pregnancy

Reasons of Pregnant Women Who Are Prone to UTIs

Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, pregnant women do have a tendency to urinate more often . Because to these hormonal changes, a pregnant woman’s body produces more pee because there is an increase in blood flow to the kidneys.

The size of the uterus, which grows as the gestational age increases, can put pressure on the bladder in addition to increasing the amount of urine produced during pregnancy. Pregnant women who experience these things feel the urge to urinate more frequently.

The flow of urine in the urinary tract and bladder may get obstructed if you hold your urine too frequently. In turn, this facilitates the growth of bacteria that cause infections in the urinary system.

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Some Signs and Symptoms of a UTI

Asymptomatic urinary tract infections are possible. Nevertheless, urinary tract infections typically result in the following symptoms:

  • Pain or burning when urinating
  • Urine that is excreted is cloudy, bloody, or has a strong odor
  • Fever
  • Pain and discomfort in the pelvic area, lower abdomen and lower back
  • Pain during intercourse

Urinary tract infections can also result in discomfort, back pain, nausea, and vomiting in addition to the aforementioned signs and symptoms.

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Tips for Avoiding UTIs During Pregnancy

To prevent UTIs during pregnancy, pregnant women are advised to do the following:

Drink enough water

The body’s natural method of eliminating extra fluids and waste products is known as urination. The body of the pregnant lady will create more pee and cause her to urinate more frequently if she drinks adequate water. It works well to naturally remove bacteria from the urinary tract.

Also, it’s vital to get adequate water to avoid dehydration in pregnant women. Whether the urine is light yellow or clear, the pregnant woman’s body is obtaining adequate fluids.

However, you should avoid consuming too much water before bed because it might produce nausea in pregnant women and cause them to frequently wake up to urinate.

Routinely clean the feminine area

Pregnant women must regularly clean their intimate organs in the proper manner, which entails washing the vagina with clean water and then wiping it from front to back (from the vagina to the anus), particularly after each pee, in order to prevent germs from easily entering the urinary tract.

Wear pants that is not too tight and is made of cotton because this material absorbs perspiration well to keep the intimate area dry and pleasant. Please remember to change your pants daily.

Avoid the habit of holding back urination

As was previously mentioned, retaining pee might result in urinary tract infections (UTIs). As a result, pregnant women should refrain from this behaviour.

Go to the toilet right away and urinate completely if you start to feel the urge to urinate. Women who are pregnant do not need to urinate quickly.

Pregnant women should avoid drinking diuretics like coffee, tea, or caffeine-containing soft beverages to avoid having to frequent the toilet too frequently for urination.

See an obstetrician right away if the pregnant woman is showing signs of a UTI so that safe treatment can be provided before the UTI worsens and threatens the foetus.

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