Benefits of Catfish
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5 Benefits of Catfish for Pregnant Women

“Benefits of Catfish: Catfish is one of the most affordable and nutrient-rich foods and is very good for consumption during pregnancy. Therefore, it is necessary to know the full benefits of consuming this healthy food! “

Catfish is one of the foods that are fairly easy to find. In addition, the price is also cheap in the pocket and can be obtained by almost all economic circles.

Catfish is also useful for consumption by pregnant women, you know. There are lots of nutrients contained in this fish which is good for supporting the health of pregnancy and also the fetus.

Benefits of Catfish for Pregnant Women

1. Source of Vitamins

Catfish contains many vitamins, including vitamin B complex, which is very important for pregnant women. Not only B vitamins, but folic acid and vitamin B9 are also contained in this fish, it turns out to be the key to optimal fetal development. This content is related to the growth of the brain and nervous system during pregnancy for optimal baby growth.

Folic acid is also very good for the development of the baby, which plays a major role in the formation of the neural tube. These nutrients can also prevent the baby’s spine and brain defects. In the first 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant women need to consume about 4,000 mcg of folic acid.

2. Source of Healthy Fat

This freshwater fish is rich in healthy fats, such as omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. This content during pregnancy can help optimize the development of the child. Omega-3 is also very good at helping to improve the baby’s heart, eyes, and immune system.

Then, the omega-6 content in catfish can improve heart health and maintain blood cholesterol levels in babies. That way, the baby in the womb has a high ability to live after birth.

3. Source of Protein for Pregnant Women

This fish also contains a high protein value for pregnancy. Pregnant women need high protein levels to maintain stamina and health during the prenatal period. Indeed, protein intake must be sufficient so that the growth of the fetus remains healthy. In addition, this fish is also low in calories and cholesterol, which is safe for consumption in large quantities.

4. Maintain Calcium Supply During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, another benefit of catfish is that it helps increase calcium intake, both for the mother and the baby. Adequate calcium is needed to help develop various strong body parts, such as teeth, bones, nerves, muscles, and blood circulation.

5. Low Mercury

There are many types of fish sold that contain mercury, which is a poison that harms the body. This metal substance can harm birth, hearing, vision, and brain damage. Well, it turns out that catfish is low in mercury, you know. The safety is the same as eating salmon, shrimp, and canned tuna.

Those are some of the benefits of catfish in pregnant women that you need to know. Therefore, do not hesitate to eat this fish regularly during pregnancy. Although this fish is still underestimated, its benefits cannot be taken lightly.

How to cook ?

  • Wash and clean the catfish, then split the middle of the stomach, give lime juice, and let stand for a while.
  • Blend the spices until smooth, then mix with the catfish.
  • Add salt, soy sauce, and lime juice to taste.
  • Grill catfish over coals or on the stove until cooked.
  • Grilled catfish is ready to be removed and served.

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