Sex During Pregnancy Is it okay to have sex during pregnancy
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Sex During Pregnancy: Is it okay to have sex during pregnancy?

Some expectant women may be reluctant to engage in sexual activity because they fear it would harm the foetus. In reality, if done properly, having sex while pregnant is not only safe but also beneficial to both the mother and the foetus.

Pregnant women should not be concerned if they choose to engage in sexual activity because it is truly safe to do so. But there are a variety of reasons why pregnant women frequently report a drop in sexual desire.

Sex During Pregnancy Is it okay to have sex during pregnancy

This can be brought on by a number of physical changes that occur in the early stages of pregnancy, including hormonal changes, tender and easily painful breasts, morning sickness, unstable emotions, and exhaustion.

Also, as the womb becomes older, the uterus grows larger and the foetus grows larger. Pregnant women may experience various symptoms as a result, such as back pain, making them less comfortable engaging in sexual activity.

It does not preclude having sex though when pregnant. There are some ladies who experience increased passion when pregnant. If that’s how you feel, know that pregnant women shouldn’t be frightened to engage in sexual activity as long as they’re comfortable and their bodies are in good shape.

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Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

Sex is considered safe to have when pregnant as long as there are no complications with the pregnancy. Actually, this exercise has a lot of advantages and can be more enjoyable.

Smoother blood circulation, which prevents obstructions in the fetus’s intake of oxygen and nutrients, is an advantage of having sex when pregnant. Naturally, both the fetus’s growth and development as well as the health of pregnant women will benefit from this.

In fact, there is evidence that suggests regular sex helps lower the risk of preeclampsia during pregnancy. This is because sperm contains the HLA-G protein, which can strengthen a pregnant woman’s immune system.

Also, the foetus inside the womb won’t be hurt by this exercise. Due to the amniotic fluid that surrounds it and protection from the uterine, pelvic, and abdominal muscles, the foetus is well protected inside the womb. Moreover, the cervix’s mucous protects the foetus against infection.

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Safe and Comfortable Positions for Sex During Pregnancy

Women who are pregnant can select a pleasant sex position and adapt to changes brought on by an expanding stomach. The uterus may be compressed, so be cautious that the posture you choose does not place too much strain on your stomach.

Pregnant women and their partners can try the following sex positions when they want to have sex when they are expecting:

1 . Spooning position

Pregnant ladies find this spooning posture to be incredibly comfortable, especially in the third trimester. The pregnant woman can sleep on her side in this posture, and the penetrating partner will be lying behind the pregnant woman. Pregnant women might use multiple pillows on one leg to increase comfort and make penetration easier.

2. Doggy style position 

Sex in the doggie position is performed while kneeling, at which point the body is bent at the elbows and supported by the hands like it is crawling.

It is safe to hold this position when pregnant because it does not put strain on the bladder or uterus. Deeper penetration may be achieved in the doggie position.

In addition to the aforementioned four sex positions, oral sex is also safe. But watch out for air embolism, which is when air seals blood vessels, and make sure your spouse doesn’t blow air into the vagina. Both the foetus and pregnant women who have this disorder risk death.

Anal sex is not advised because it might transport bacteria from the anus to the vagina, especially in pregnant women who already have haemorrhoids.

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3. Woman on top position

Since that it doesn’t place pressure on the pregnant woman’s stomach, woman on top is a safe posture to adopt during pregnancy. Pregnant women can control the depth and rate of penetration in this position.

Pregnant women can urge their spouses to adjust their hips if they are tired of moving as they hold on to their feet.

4. Position side by side

The side-by-side posture is the only one that is secure and comfortable for use throughout early pregnancy. The pregnant woman and her spouse lie face to face on the bed in this position. In this posture, penetration may be deeper.

Being face-to-face with a spouse when pregnant can boost closeness in addition to being comfortable.

Conditions That Make Sex During Pregnancy Should Be Avoided

Although it’s generally safe, there are a few situations where partners and expectant mothers should limit or even avoid having intercourse, including:

  • History of heavy bleeding in a previous pregnancy
  • History of miscarriage or premature delivery in previous pregnancies
  • Vaginal discharge or bleeding
  • Placental disorders, eg placenta previa
  • Twin pregnancy
  • Early rupture of membranes
  • The cervix has begun to open

In addition to the aforementioned circumstances, it is advised that pregnant women avoid having intercourse with partners who have an STD such herpes, genital warts, chlamydia, or HIV. It is feared that this could spread the illness to expectant mothers and their unborn children.

In order to avoid sexually transmitted illnesses that might affect expectant mothers and their unborn children, condom use is also advised during sexual activity.

As long as it is done correctly and during a healthy pregnancy, having sex while pregnant has several advantages for both the expectant mother and the foetus.

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