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For pregnant women, don’t eat these vegetables

There are some vegetables that are prohibited for pregnant women that need to be known. Avoid consuming the following vegetables if you are pregnant

Every pregnant woman needs to eat a variety of healthy foods in order to maintain adequate nutrition for the body. One of the foods that must be consumed is vegetables.

However, mothers also need to know if there are vegetables that are prohibited for pregnant women, because they can be dangerous when consumed. It is necessary to know these types of vegetables so that they can be avoided when choosing foods that are consumed daily during pregnancy.

Types of Vegetables that are Prohibited for Pregnant Women

1. Raw Vegetables

One of the vegetables that are prohibited for consumption by pregnant women are raw vegetables. Although these vegetables contain more minerals than cooked ones, they are not recommended for consumption by pregnant women.

This is because certain fertilizers that are still attached to raw vegetables and washed uncleanly can harm the growth of the fetus. So, it’s better not to eat raw vegetables so that the fetus remains healthy.

2. Sprouts

These vegetables are small, making it more difficult to clean them completely. Therefore, it is better not to consume sprouts, especially if the cleanliness cannot be ensured. Therefore, it is better not to eat these foods until the baby is born.

3. Raw Papaya

Mothers also need to avoid unripe papaya because it contains a lot of latex which harms the uterus, as this can cause contractions. However, mothers can still eat small, ripe papayas because they are good for overcoming constipation.

4. Pineapple

Although not a vegetable, pineapple is often used as a spice in vegetable dishes, such as sweet and sour dishes. It should be understood if pineapple contains substances that can cause miscarriage. Therefore, avoid these foods when you are pregnant.

Those are some vegetables that are forbidden to be consumed by pregnant women. Make sure not to eat it, so that the fetus is healthy until it is born. Also multiply a variety of other vegetables that are certainly healthy for the mother and fetus.

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