6 Health Benefits of Calcium Lactate
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6 Health Benefits of Calcium Lactate

Calcium lactate is an additive added to various foods, increasing texture and taste and even helping to extend shelf life.

It is a compound used as an ingredient in medications and various calcium supplements. Calcium lactate is an additive that has a white color, looks like cream, and is not odorless. Food derived from lactic acid, made by the cells naturally while trying to get energy in low oxygen conditions, is produced through neutralizing lactate acid with calcium carbonate to stabilize, thicken, flavor, firm, and leaven foods. It can be added to calcium supplements

or medications used to treat acid reflux, bone loss, a poorly functioning parathyroid gland, or even certain muscle diseases. This mineral is essential for several functions and metabolic processes in the body. It is a benefit of calcium lactate for health:

6 Health Benefits of Calcium Lactate
6 Health Benefits of Calcium Lactate

1.     Healthy Bone Density

Bone turnover is a cycle continuing of bone breakdown by osteoclasts in areas of the body where the bone is not needed, and bone rebuilding handling by osteoblasts in which its bone undergoes continuous re-modeling with constant resorption and deposition of calcium into new bones is a balance between bone resorption, the sediment is essential for healthy bones, changes with age, and both calcium and magnesium are critical to bone health. 99% of the body’s calcium supply is stored in the bones. Teeth supporting the structure. The normal function of the bones is to promote health. Consumption of calcium supplements can help increase the

body’s supply of calcium and magnesium contributes to the structural development of bones by 50% to 60% present in the bones. In particular, magnesium involves bone formation and influences the activities of osteoblasts (bone rebuilding) and osteoclasts (breaking of bone). Besides calcium lactate, pumpkin leaf helps strengthen bones. Here are some other health benefits of pumpkin leaf juice.

2.     Immunity’s Health

Calcium and magnesium support aspects of the immune system’s health. Calcium signals control many aspects of cell T-lymphocytes together with other immune cells, responding to foreign particles inside the body.

This T-cell was made in the bone marrow and is necessary for cell-mediated immunity and sustained calcium ion flow, continuing regulation, activation, and proliferation.

Research indicates magnesium has to role-play in the human immune system response through the magnesium transporter. A magnesium transporter identified in immune cells as magnesium transporter 1st called MagT1, expressed in the spleen, thymus, T, and B lymphocytes suggesting MagT1.

It involves the function of the immune system. Calcium lactate is the same as yogurt, so consuming it will provide the health benefits of yogurt for the immune system.

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3.     Heart Health

Previously in the article, we can get the benefits of eggplant for heart health. Now, there is a study explaining the effects of supplementation of lactate acid to 43 people whose cholesterol with hyperlipidemia and previous viral inflammation of the liver.

The research participants divide into a test group and a placebo (control) group. The first is a test group given lactate acid. and vitamin C 3rd times 4th week. After done testing, finding this first group had decreased cholesterol total levels by 4%.

In addition, those supplements do not cause side effects. There is no significant change in statistically other cholesterol markers. It’s research for calcium lactate supplements on heart health.

It was small and used a relatively low dosage of calcium lactate. In addition, to validate the role of calcium lactate supplements in heart health,

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4.     Oral Health

One research sees whether adding calcium lactate to xylitol chewing gum can help re-mineralization lesions on enamel teeth, lesions made from human enamel teeth slabs.

Which means extracted and worn by 10th volunteers and another used as active control and stored in a humidifier, participants in the research wore enamel slabs in these ways.

Without chewing gum, through chewing gum has xylitol and calcium lactate, with chewing gum, has xylitol, they successfully did it 4th times for 2nd weeks, re-mineralization was found superior after chewing gum xylitol and calcium lactate than others, and led researchers to conclude it

might increase the re-mineralization of the teeth enamel surface’ in 2014 observing that pre-rinse calcium lactate increases fluoride in tooth enamel eruption.

The researchers found that pre-rinse followed by fluoride rinse significantly decreased tooth enamel surface if used before the erosive challenge.

However, the researcher’s previous related pre-rinse calcium lactate found is significant yet to affect the concentration of fluoride plaque in any condition.

The mixed results and the small sample size of this research mean that continuing research is needed before calcium lactate can be recommended for oral health.

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5.     Exercise Performance

Researchers study calcium lactate effects on continuous high-intensive exercise performance. They measure blood PH and bicarbonate in an active young man physically many times after consumption of calcium lactate, even a placebo.

This study found that calcium lactate supplements in low doses and high increase blood PH and bicarbonate. However, this increase is not enough for high-intensity exercise performance times.

A double-blind study, control placebo in 2017′ researched the effects of calcium lactate supplements over a long period on blood PH, bicarbonate, and exercise performance intermittently high intensive.

Calcium lactate, bicarbonate sodium, or placebo, given to 18th athletes 4th times in 5th days. It concluded that calcium lactate supplements are not increased high-intensive exercise performance.

The last conclusion is might calcium lactate is not helpful for exercise performance physically and emotionally.

6.     Calcium Deficiency

In the long term, calcium deficiencies cause osteoporosis. A body can not make calcium by itself. If our body can not good enough calcium from foods, the body will take from bones to sustain calcium levels appropriate in the whole body.

Calcium deficiency can occur when one can not get enough vitamin D, and magnesium, to consume a specific drug. It was called hypocalcemia and caused by a specific medical condition.

Particular people who have over the risk of getting a calcium deficiency to belong to people in menopause, people who do not eat dairy products, people with a rare condition called hypoparathyroidism, people who do not get enough magnesium or vitamin D, and people taking bisphosphonates, proton pump inhibitors or chemotherapy drugs.

The characteristics of calcium deficiency are weakness, dry skin, numbness, muscle cramps, headaches, abnormal heart rhythm, and nervousness.

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