6 Immediate Health Benefits of Giving Up Alcohol

6 Immediate Health Benefits of Giving Up Alcohol

Relationships with alcohol determine relationships with people around you. When you have a better relationship with alcohol, then you can have a better relationship with other people, as you will have more quality time, fewer arguments, and less tension. I am sure you don’t want one of these deadly health effects of alcohol to happen to you.
6 Immediate Health Benefits of Giving Up Alcohol
6 Immediate Health Benefits of Giving Up Alcohol

Everyone has different responses to giving up alcohol. Most of the time, giving up alcohol brings a lot of benefits, both for your social and physical health. Let’s see the six immediate health benefits of giving up alcohol you can experience soon.

You might think that drinking a regular glass of red wine or other alcoholic drinks will be good for your heart and liver. That might be true, but only for light sippers (less than one drink a day).

If you consume more than that, then it is better to cut back or quit. By doing so, you will lower your blood pressure, triglyceride level, and chances of getting heart failure.

When you drink, especially heavily, you may have a chance of getting fatty liver, cirrhosis, and other problems. Your liver will be able to repair itself and regenerate; however, when the condition is too bad, it may not be able to do it anymore. So, it is worth quitting alcohol for better health. Read also: 5 Benefits of Meditation for Mental Health

  • Good Relationship with your Surroundings

Not only for physical health, giving up alcohol will bring better social health too. You will have better relationships with people around you. Drinking alcohol alone will turn into a bad and unhealthy habit.

Then, when you have an uncontrolled drinking habit, all aspects of your life, specifically your relationship, will also be affected. Giving up alcohol will ease any types of depression and anxiety and boost your self-esteem.

  • Aid Weight Loss

Do you know that by not drinking alcohol, you may lose some weight? It is fun, isn’t it? A can of beer contains 154 calories, and it will get worse once you mix drinks. More sugar and carbs will add extra calories to your normal diet. As a result, you will gain more weight.

Drinking alcohol will also affect your choice of diet. Therefore, after drinking alcohol, you will be more likely to eat a high-calorie plate of snacks or dishes. Not drinking will surely help you cut off those extra calories.

Weight loss cannot only be done by giving up alcohol; you should also do some physical exercise, such as walking.

  • Get Healthy Skin

Giving up alcohol won’t only boost your liver and heart health, but also your skin health. You may get healthier, better-looking skin. It is because drinking alcohol wreaks havoc on your hydration.

Some experts claim that you will experience an improvement in your skin at least one week after your last drink, and it will completely renew itself within a month. Read also: 5 Healthy Eid Tips for Pregnant Women

  • Have Better Sleep

Drinking alcohol may make you feel drowsy at first. However, once you fall into slumber, you will wake up repeatedly at night. Therefore, it disrupts your REM stage of sleep and affects your breathing too.

If you wish to have more restful shut-eye, then avoid drinking alcohol, especially in the late afternoon or evening.

  • Clear Your Brain

Being dependent on alcohol can make it hard for you to think or remember things. Therefore, heavy drinking may even cloud your perception of distances and volumes, slow you, and even impair your motor skills. Then, it will be hard for you to read people’s emotions.

So, it is worth giving up alcohol so you can get your brain back to normal. Your brain will be able to regain some of those abilities once you quit drinking.

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  • Better Sex

Some couples may decide to drink alcohol to make them friskier. However, anything more than a drink a day will have the opposite effect.

Men might have trouble getting and keeping an erection when they drink too much. On the other hand, women’s sex drive might also drop, and their vagina might be drier.

If you wish to have better sex, then stop drinking alcohol. Giving up alcohol will cut down on the booze and make your romance better!

  • Lower Down the Risk of Getting Accidents

Drinking alcohol is one of the causes of all serious injuries and deaths. It is also listed in 4 out of 10 fatal falls and traffic crashes.

If you wish to be safe from all the risks, then start giving up alcohol. You don’t have to stop; you can start by cutting back your drinking by a third to lower the number of injuries.

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