5 Healthy Eid Tips for Pregnant Women

5 Healthy Eid Tips for Pregnant Women

Healthy Eid Tips for Pregnant WomenEid is known for its friendliness and love of rich, sugary meals. Pregnant women may become exhausted and more prone to illness as a result. In actuality, the fetus is also affected, in addition to pregnant women. See the advice in this post if you want to be able to enjoy Eid in a healthy way.

Welcoming Eid al-Fitr with the prospective baby who grows and develops in the womb of a pregnant woman must have its own feelings and joys. Even though it is clearly unpleasant, it can actually dampen the mood if pregnant women fall ill during this holiday.

5 Healthy Eid Tips for Pregnant Women
Healthy Eid Tips for Pregnant Women

Tips for Celebrating a Healthy Eid for Pregnant Women

In order for the health of pregnant women and their fetuses to be maintained on that day, try to apply some of the following tips:

1. Be selective in choosing food

A range of salty, sweet, and savory meals can be highly alluring during Eid. Snow princess cakes, nastar cakes, and a beef rendang menu with chicken opor are just the beginning.

Long-term and excessive consumption of high-sugar foods can not only lead to obesity but also increase the risk of gestational diabetes. In the meantime, eating a lot of salty foods can make you more likely to develop hypertension.

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2. Wash your hands regularly

It is undoubtedly challenging for expectant ladies to avoid handshakes during Eid. In reality, the way in which infection-causing bacteria are spread at this instant. Pregnant ladies must routinely wash their hands and practice not touching their face with unwashed hands if they want to be healthy throughout Eid.

Pregnant women should wash their hands with soap and water or, if necessary, use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

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3. Drink lots of water

Fruit ice drinks with different colored syrups are definitely cooling. But, if excessive amounts of sugar and sweetener are used, it goes without saying that both pregnant women and their unborn children will not benefit from this beverage. Thus, pregnant women should consume enough of water in substitute of sweet beverages.

Water can not only hydrate the body and aid in digestion, but it can also help lower blood levels of harmful cholesterol, which can build up as a result of consuming coconut milk and fatty foods.

4. Continue to consume fruits and vegetables

Pregnant ladies occasionally forget to eat fruits and vegetables because of the variety of Eid recipes available. Although fiber is great for maintaining the health of the digestive tract and reducing constipation, fruits and vegetables also provide crucial nutrients.

Moreover, eating fiber-rich fruits and vegetables might keep pregnant women fuller for longer, decreasing their desire to snack on harmful foods.

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5. Limit visits

It’s nice to get together with family and friends during Eid. Pregnant women don’t need to push themselves to visit every area, though, if they are particularly exhausted.

Create a prioritized list of the people and destinations you wish to see. After that, rest and sleep sufficiently. This prevents pregnant women from being exhausted and even getting sick as a result.

These are simple healthy Eid suggestions for expectant mothers. Together with the aforementioned advice, pregnant women should exercise daily for at least 30 minutes to keep their bodies in shape. Maintaining regular doctor visits to check on pregnant patients’ health and track the baby’s growth and development is equally crucial.

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