Vaccine Monkeypox

Here are Five Facts Concerning the Vaccine for Monkeypox

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given its approval to two different monkeypox vaccinations in the US. Both Jynneos and ACAM2000 vaccinations are available.

In recent years, This virus has caused widespread worry. The first case of monkeypox in Indonesia, which was discovered in DKI Jakarta, has also been confirmed by the Indonesian Ministry of Health (Kemenkes). The patient is a man in his 27s.

Information on the Monkeypox Vaccine

Here are some facts concerning the monkeypox vaccine that you should be aware of if you want to learn more:

FDA-approved Monkeypox Vaccines in Two Forms

Close contact, such as skin-to-skin contact, with infected humans or animals can spread monkeypox. The FDA has authorized the following two monkeypox vaccinations in an effort to stop the outbreak and slow its spread:

Imvanex or Jynneos

This vaccination, which contains a live virus, is intended to protect those who are most vulnerable to monkeypox from becoming ill. There should be a 4 week interval between the first and second doses of this vaccination.

It’s likely that you’ll only need one dose if you’ve already had the smallpox vaccine. Additionally safe for use in those with HIV, eczema or other skin problems, or other immune-system compromising conditions is this vaccination.


Initially developed to combat the smallpox virus, this vaccine is now also effective against monkeypox. Live, reproducible viruses are present in this vaccine. The body takes around four weeks to develop an immune response to the virus following this vaccination.

Those who should receive the monkeypox vaccine

The vaccination is advised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States for those who have been exposed to this virus or who are at a high risk of contracting the disease. The vaccine against monkeypox works against:

  • those who have frequent interaction with a patient.
  • This virus was detected in those who had sex with another person.
  • people who handle samples or animals infected with the orthopox virus while working in laboratories.
  • medical personnel.
  • children who are younger than 8 years old.

Administration of Vaccines

Prior to contracting the illness, one should get vaccinated against the monkeypox. However, even after infection, this vaccination can still be administered. because immunizations can either treat symptoms more mildly or prevent sickness.

The CDC advises receiving the vaccination within four days of exposure for the greatest results in a person who has monkeypox. By doing this, the infection won’t spread further. Before symptoms appear, vaccination can be administered 4 to 14 days after exposure.

Side Effects of Vaccines

The Monkeypox vaccination has negative side effects that include:

  1. Redness, swelling, and pain are seen at the injection site.
  2. The injection site itchiness.
  3. A sore muscle.
  4. Headache.
  5. Fatigue.
  6. ill at ease.
  7. Freezing.

Making the monkeypox vaccine in Indonesia

The Indonesian government has reportedly been planning to deal with the virus-caused illness since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared this virus to exist, according to Mohammad Syahril, the Ministry of Health’s spokesperson.

“We will eventually have about 10,000 vaccinations, God willing. Additionally, we will distribute it to close contacts and individuals who are experiencing symptoms of this virus throughout the incubation period “Syahril stated on Saturday, August 20, 2022, as quoted by one of the national web media.

The Ministry of Health is still awaiting a decision from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency regarding the vaccination to be used in Indonesia (BPOM).

You only need to be aware of these facts regarding Monkeypox vaccines. The greatest method of infection prevention at this time is to always maintain hand and food hygiene while waiting for more rules on monkeypox vaccines in Indonesia. Additionally, keep away from animals that could potentially carry sickness.

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